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Put Your California Equity To Work

The California Real Estate Rental Market has skyrocketed in the last couple of months. In Newport Beach alone there are over 1,700 single family investment properties with significant gains.

Retain Your Equity

These homes are worth over $4.5 billion and have associated gains over $2 billion. If you do the math, that means the average gain associated with each of those
homes is $1.1 million.

Take Advantage Of Out-of-State Deals & Make More

Any of these owners that want to monetize their equity will be faced with a capital gains tax bill to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars unless they do a 1031 exchange.

Invest With Data, Not Heartstrings

Create significant savings in capital gains taxes due today by trading your equity in your CA Real Estate Investment for a multiple on your income by buying Rentals Out-of-State.

Would You Like To Unlock The Equity In Your Appreciated Real Estate and Not Pay Capital Gains Taxes?

Do you have investment real estate that you have owned long enough to build up equity? Would you like to put that equity to work, but put are worried about paying capital gains taxes? Did you know that there is a way to sell your property and not pay any capital gains taxes? The way to do this is through a 1031 Exchange

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